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Biola Startup Competition 2018

The Crowell School of Business is pleased to announce the third annual Biola University Startup Competition, an effort to facilitate a flourishing entrepreneurial environment that accelerates startups with a passion for Business as Ministry across the breadth of Biola University. This is your opportunity to build a business and compete for capital.

Team registration begins September 26, 2017! Come to the Kickoff Meeting September 25 at 7:30 in Talbot East to find out more. 




The competition has three rounds as summarized below. Complete competition details are available on the competition website.

  1. Round 1: Team Registration and Approval (Sept 26 to Oct 16). The composition of team members must adhere to the competition guidelines in order to be approved. Teams may not submit a concept paper until approved.
  2. Round 2: Concept paper (Oct 17 to Nov 13). The concept paper is an executive summary of the business idea. During this period, approved team must attend mandatory workshops that will help them develop their idea. The concept paper guidelines and outline will be made available on October 17. The competition judges will score the concept papers and a group of finalists will be announced December 1.
  3. Round 3: Business plan (Dec 2 to Feb 23, 2018). Finalist teams will be matched with a personal coach and develop a 15-page business plan. Business plans are due by Feb 23, 2018.

On March 23, 2018, finalist teams will make the pitch and present their business plan to a panel of judges, who will select the winners of the competition. 


To learn how current students can connect with alumni, download this guide


You must complete two steps to register for the competition: 1) create a StartupCompete account and 2) register your intent to compete. Complete details are below.

PART 1: Create a StartupCompete Account

One member from each team should register with this site (http://biolastartup2018.startupcompete.co/)Only one team member is required to register with the StartupCompete website in order to enter the competition. 

  1. At the left side of the page is an orange button with the words “Log In / Register.” Click on this button. A box with a gold strip will pop up on the screen.
  2. Click the “Create User Account” blue button. A page, “Register for a new User Profile” will appear.
  3. Fill out ONLY the information marked with an asterisk to the right of the request:
    1. E-mail address
    2. Password (and confirm password)
    3. First and Last Names
    4. Gender
    5. Phone Number
    6. Country, Address, City, State, Zip  Code
    7. In the “Roles and Communications” box, the first statement is the only statement you need to answer. It asks, “Select one or more role to describe your relationship with iStart.” Check the appropriate box.
    8. At the bottom of this box, uncheck the box for “Notify me via email on … New Competitions,” unless you want to receive StartupCompete e-mail.
    9. Click “I agree” in the Terms and Conditions.
    10. Type the letters shown in the image, and click “Save.” 


Part 2: Register Intent to Compete

The next step for the team is to file an “Intent to Compete” on StartupCompete. The window to submit these intents is opens Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 12:00 AM, and closes at 11:59 p.m. Monday, October 16, 2016. 

  1. Go to http://biolastartup2018.startupcompete.co and log in.
  2. Once logged in, go to the top right hand corner of the page and click on “Profile.”
  3. In the box on the right that says, “My Businesses,” click on “Register New Business / Concept.”
  4. You will be taken to a page with a box asking you to “Complete your Listing for StartupCompete's Public Directory.” For the purposes of completing the Intent to Compete process, you only need to fill in the “Business / Concept” and “Business / Concept Summary” boxes.
  5. The “Business / Concept” is the name of the team’s business plan. If a business plan is not finalized, a generic name can be entered.
  6. The “Business / Concept Summary” is a summary of your business plan idea. If you do not have a business plan yet, enter a few brief words.
  7. After you fill out these two boxes, that’s it. You are not required to fill out any other information on the page, including the option at the bottom to “Display Your Business on the iStart Public Directory,” unless you want to do so.
  8. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the StartupCompete Competition Participant Agreement. Feel free to read the agreement if you like, but you can go ahead and click “I Agree.”
  9. You will then be taken to an “Application Page,” where you will be prompted to complete some basic information information. If this information is not known by the Intent to Compete deadline, submit at least one name and complete the school information.  
  10. You will then be taken back to your profile page. You should see the business name you just entered under “Your Current Businesses / Concepts.” Nothing further needs to be done at this time.
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